Hello everyone, the last update is that Norma is in rehab and in good spirits. She is experience shortness of breath but she is doing some walking and she hopes to be released sometime later in March.

Members of The Harlem Swing Dance Society have put together this petition for Norma to be honored. Please sign! 


One thought on “Please sign the petition for Norma Miller”

  1. Norma Miller was a special person and confidant of Frankie Manning.
    I had the opportunity to see her dance and dance with Frankie Manning.

    In my on AllAboutJazz.com review: Savoy Ballroom at Irving Plaza, 3/12/06 “Norma Miller autographed copies of her 1996 paperback, ‘Swingin’ at the Savoy: The Memories of a Jazz Dancer”. Ernie Smith, a “film” collector before the digital internet said: “Norma Miller’s memoir takes you, step-by-step, through the glorious Lindy Hop years of the Swing Era. she was there. Her recollections illuminate one of the great periods in music, cultural history, and American dance.”

    Her contribution included keeping Lindy Hop moves alive teaching acrobatic aerial lifts, The Swing Out, Sugar Push, Hit-To-Hip and the Side-Flip.

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