We’re looking forward to seeing you in May!

Here’s some information to help you plan your trip.

Tours & Culture

Louis Armstrong Museum – Thursday Afternoon
On Thursday mid-day, Mandi is planning a group visit to the Louis Armstrong Museum in Queens. If you are interested in participating, please make sure to email info@swedesinnewyorkcity.com.

Woodlawn Cemetery – Friday Midday
On Friday, there is a tour of the Woodlawn Cemetery. The cemetery’s website had some problems taking international payments so if you would like to participate but haven’t bought a ticket yet, please email Cynthia Brown- cynthia@globaldestinationsinc.com

Harlem Tour – Friday Afternoon
On Friday afternoon, after the Woodlawn Cemetery tour and before the panels and dance, we would like to an option to join a walking tour of Harlem. This tour will be free for full weekend participants who are also going to Woodlawn. After the Woodlawn Cemetery tour (11am to 12:30pm) we’ll take the train together to go to Harlem with time for a snack/light lunch before starting the Harlem tour, which will run from roughly 3pm to 5pm with a tour guide. Then there will be a break for dinner before heading to the panels and dance.

Please note that if you participate in the Woodlawn tour and the Harlem tour, you should plan to stay uptown the entire day and bring everything you need with you.

If you would like to participate in the Harlem tour, please email info@swedesinnewyorkcity.com.

(We’re making an arrangement with the tour guide about this tour. If you would like to do the walking tour of Harlem only (but can’t make it to Woodlawn) the tour guide will be charging a fee per person. Please also email Mandi if you’re in this situation.)

Friday Panels & Dance

While we absolutely hope that Norma Miller will be in good health and be able to join us in May, we will not be able to count on her participation. (To make a donation to medical costs, please click here.)

Either way, we will be holding a 2-part panel on Friday evening before the dance.

6pm – Doors Open
7pm – Panel #1: WHERE IT ALL BEGAN
7:50pm – Panel #2: LINDY HOP IN THE 80s
9pm – Band & DJ music

If you’re feeling like a party animal and want to go out to another club after the Friday dance, George Gee will be playing that night at Swing 46.

Saturday Schedule

The schedule will be a little bit tight after the workshops on Saturday before the panel but there’s a break after the panel before the dance starts. You may choose to have a quick dinner before the panel or maybe a more relaxed dinner and go to the dance at 9pm or so.

9:30am – Workshop Registration
10:00am – auditions/level split
10:30am – 5:15pm – Workshops (with breaks including 75 minutes for lunch)
5:15 – 6:30pm – BREAK – change locations
8:30pm to 12:30am – Dance at Swing Remix

Sunday Schedule

On Sunday after the workshops, you may want to travel up to Harlem and eat there. There will also be food available at the big celebration dance that night.

10am – Doors/Check-in
10:30am to 5:15pm – Workshops (with breaks including 75 minutes for lunch)
5:15pm – 7pm – BREAK – Dinner & change locations
7pm to 12am – Frankie Manning Tribute Dance *MAIN EVENT*

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