Written by Lennart Westerlund

The idea to arrange this event originally came about in early May 2018, when Daniel and Lennart visited Chris Lee in New York, in connection to some research work around especially the revival of the Lindy Hop. While spending time together, we all gradually got a feeling that maybe there would be an interest to put on a New York event partly linked to the above mentioned research work, but furthermore also to a handful of other parametres as below:

  • it will be the 35 year anniversary since the three Swedes (Anders Lind, Henning Sörensen and Lennart Westerlund) came to New York for the first time looking for the roots of the Lindy Hop
  • it will be Frankie Manning 105th birthday, which is an important date for us and our continued tribute to our great friend and teacher
  • it seems to us that most contemporary events have more of a post-modern/contemporary approach than an old-school ditto

The above are the basics of why we are planning to arrange the event in New York in late May next year.

To round off this short presentation, please find the below basic ingredients for the event:

  • traditional classes with Swedish teachers (eWa Staremo-Burak, Mimmi Gunnarsson, Åsa Heedman, Fredrik Dahlberg, Daniel Heedman and Lennart Westerlund) dedicated to the New York/Harlem old-school tradition as we were taught by Frankie Manning, Al Minns, and others
  • lectures, interviews, film shows, panel discussions on the historical context of Jazz Era Harlem Lindy Hop
  • performances and demonstrations

We hope you will join us.

Best regards,